The classic 102" stainless steel whip antenna has been around for years! Some of the older movies like Smokey & The Bandit and C.H.I.P.S. show the use of the famous 102" whips being used. It is the all natural 102 inches By itself."THE PERFECT 1/4 WAVE!" If mounted properly you will "Walk The Dog and Kick That Cat!". The best set up is a triple magnetic mount on the center rear or middle of your roof. The 102" whip with good coax and a Loud-N-Proud radio will make an unbeatable combination! You will get the best SWR of any set up and your range will greatly improve! This is literally like driving around with a base antenna on your ride! The whip itself is shipped inside a Plastic PVC Pipe.
3/8 X 24 Tread With Removable End. The total Including shipping for a single whip is

Heres What Owners of 102" whips Have To Say!

By Festus from Anton Colorado
Pros:Durable, Easy To Set Up, Fine-Tuning, Looks cool when installed, Strong Signal
Best Uses:Attic/Roof Mount, Portable Devices
Describe Yourself:Power User
Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments about 102" Stainless Steel Whip

I purchased 102" whip about a week ago and all i can say what a difference it made.
When the big 99 galaxy talks everyone listens I have been to cut the power down cause i was ''blowin there doors off''.The best place to put it is on passengers side on rear bumper of a pickup truck.


By Unit 56 and a 3 AKA The New York Bandit from Top Side of the Apple Tree 
Pros:Strong Signal
Describe Yourself:Enthusiast
Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments about 102" Stainless Steel Whip

I am now the top dog in my crew!!!! I replaced a 2 foot antenna from Wally-World with this and talks alot farther and has better ears.Hot Rod and Joker were making fun of it, saying my car looked like a radio control toy (due to it's size).I showed them, we had a shootout and I put them both 10-7 with my Cobra 25.They were upset because my beat up,old Cobra 25 walked the dog and kicked the cat over thier Galaxy radios!!! I now give Hootchie Momma 7 pounds when before I could only give her 3 pounds, not bad for a 10 mile trip out of the mobile!!! I'm saving up my pennies for a power kicker,then I'll really blow some smoke. I even talk some skip on this bad boy.Get one, you won't be sorry.

102" SS WHIP
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